Have you been recently charged with a traffic violation in Indian Trail, North Carolina? Arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI)?

According to North Carolina’s Safe Roads Act of 1983, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the most common way the state of North Carolina would determine whether you are legally impaired to drive a motor vehicle.

  • If you are 21 or older, legal BAC is less than 0.08%
  • For commercial drivers, legal BAC is less than 0.04%
  • If you are below 21, any blood or breath alcohol concentration is illegal

There are a variety of other laws associated with the NC DWI laws.

Six Levels of DWI Sentencing

North Carolina’s DWI laws are harsh and complex. DWI sentencing is based on your “level,” and the judge uses mitigating and aggravating factors to establish your level. There are six levels, each calling for different levels of penalties, ranging from fines, license revocation, to jail time. As a result of a conviction, you are more likely to incur a higher cost in the form of higher insurance rates and points on your driver’s license. Under North Carolina’s Safe Roads Act of 1983, the state can not only take your car, they can even sell it.

But do not just walk into a court and accept a plea. If you have been charged with a DWI or a criminal traffic violation in Indian Trail, it is in your best interest to hire of an Indian Trail criminal lawyer, who not only knows the North Carolina DWI laws, but has vast experience defending clients charged with DWI.

So waste no time and give us a call at 704-625-0691.


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