Criminal Defense

Receiving a traffic citation, misdemeanor charge, or felony indictment can be frightening and worrisome, but not knowing all your rights and options can be even more frightening. Therefore, it is vital to have experienced attorneys by your side, Our attorneys have invaluable experience in the criminal system, including Senior Partner Jeremy Smith who began his legal career as a prosecutor.

No matter the charge, the attorneys at Smith Horton Law are here to advise you of your options and zealously represent you in court. We are by your side every step of the way including bond hearings, plea bargains, and trials. Additionally, our attorneys are always available to answer our clients’ questions about the criminal process and status of their case.

Below is a list of the areas within criminal law in which we practice:

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Prayer for Judgment Continued: the Facts, the Myths, the Legend

by Courtney BallardThe legend of a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) has been around for decades. As a teenager, I thought every traffic ticket could be solved by a PJC, and today, I continue to have clients ask “Can I get a Prayer for Judgment Continued?”While a PJC is often...