Federal Criminal Charges

There are two types of criminal jurisdiction, state and federal. State charges are a result of a violation of state law; while federal criminal charges are a result of a violation of federal law.

How to tell if you have been charged with a state or federal case

One way to tell whether you are charged with a state or federal case, is to look at the party bringing the case against you. For example, if the State of North Carolina or a district attorney is bringing the charge, then you are charged with the state case. If it is the United States of America or United States Attorney bringing the charge, it is a federal case.

Even though the federal law may be similar to the state law in your jurisdiction, Federal and State courts have different rules of procedure and different punishments. As a result, it is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with these differences and the nuisances of federal court.

Jeremy Smith is licensed in the United States District Court of Western North Carolina and the Eastern District North Carolina. He has represented clients on a variety of federal cases. Contact our office to set up a consult to meet with Jeremy today.


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