Drug Charges

N.C.G.S. §90-95 outlines how North Carolina regulates controlled substances. North Carolina categorizes each controlled substance into schedules I-VI. For example, the controlled substance amphetamine, or the chemical compound more commonly known as Adderall, is a schedule II controlled substance, and marijuana is a schedule VI. Each specific schedule and controlled substance has a different level misdemeanor or felony class assigned to it.

Conditional discharge program

North Carolina offers a conditional discharge program for first offense individuals under N.C.G.S. §90-96. If you qualify for a conditional discharge, first the statute requires that you plead guilty to the offense. However, the court defers entering a judgment of guilt and places you on probation. Under this statute the court may also order that you pay a fine, complete an assessment, any required treatment, or community service hours. After completion of these court orders within the court mandated time a judge will dismiss your case. Call our office today and set up an appointment to see if you are eligible for a conditional discharge.

In addition, many times drug charges arise out of some type of search or seizure of you or your property. Law enforcement must follow strict rules when searching and seizing you and your property. If they do not, the evidence they subsequently find may be suppressed, and if this occurs, your case may be dismissed.

At Smith Horton Law, we analyze all possible defenses and suppression motions in every case we handle. Your attorney must be able to spot a problem with the police investigation and then strategically handle it to get you your best possible outcome.


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